Any program, no matter how well run, can always be improved. Over the years, Orphan World Relief has provided resources to help programs become more self-sufficient and we continue to invest in opportunities to make programs less dependent on financial support by focusing on ideas that transform lives:

  • solar farm in Ukraine

  • chicken & cattle farm in Honduras

  • goat farm in India

One of our programs, in Honduras, heavily invests in the community by developing programs that help those around them as well as the children in need. They've become our "gold standard" for community involvement; all the while helping their programs supporting at-risk kids and HIV kids. Among their many efforts include:

  • chicken and cattle farming - allowing excess beef, milk, chicken and eggs to be sold to the community

  • sustainable tree farm - in a region where firewood is the prime source of cooking fuel, the trees selected re-grow again and again, offering a ready supply of food

  • tortilla factory - employing locals and reinvesting the profits into nutritional programs for at-risk kids

  • block factory - by creating concrete blocks (the main building material for homes) above local standards, their employing the surrounding community while lessening the risks posed by hurricanes (Hurricane Mitch devastated the area in 1998 because of poor construction quality)

We're excited to discover new and better ways to help our programs become community leaders and more self reliant. 

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