• Cassidy Albers

Kids Take Part in Meaningful Graduation Tradition

In July, The Harbor hosted a graduation ceremony for kids in its residential program (where "six to eight young adult orphans live together in a typical Russian apartment and function as a family along with full-time mentors"). Over the years, the ceremony has turned into a traditional camping trip to a village where everyone can celebrate and look back on their time together.

The two-day trip consisted of songs by the fire, river-water rafting, customary ceremony of handing out diplomas and a time of sharing encouragement and gratitude to one another. At the end of the trip, the kids said farewell in a special way.

The Harbor describes the time as, “Each graduate gets a plastic boat and places it on a river that has a strong current and the boat floats/sails as a sign of a new chapter to sail into the future.”

Orphan World Relief sends well-wishes to each of the graduates and to The Harbor as they continue with its residential program in the future.

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