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Jeremiah’s Hope: Camp Brings Kid Home

During the month of July, Jeremiah’s Hope hosted a camp for its Sasha Project kids. The camp brought in kids from all over Ukraine for a week of fun! Putt putt, tetherball and learning about Jesus are just a few of the activities campers enjoyed.

As the second week of camp arrived, so did Koyla, a joyous and brilliant five-year-old. The staff at Jeremiah’s Hope felt like they knew Koyla but wasn’t sure how.

Koyla, age 5

One staff member described the moment they remembered Koyla. “Today, it dawned on us...we DID know Kolya. This blond haired, smile from ear to ear little man was the boy who was brought to us 2 1/2 years ago. Half his life ago, Koyla was brought to us, but he was not white with blond hair. He was black and blue from head to toe from physical abuse. He spent two months in our Rescue Shelter and then went home to his parents, who had previously abused him.”

Today, Koyla is doing good! God has greatly moved in his life, transitioning him from a broken home to a healthy life. This is just one of the many stories of God’s restoration that the people of Jeremiah’s Hope get to witness.

If you want to learn more about Jeremiah’s Hope and the Sasha Project visit www.jeremiahshope.org or its Facebook page – Jeremiah’s Hope

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