• Doug Riggle

Challenges at The Harbor

The Harbor could use additional prayer and continued support.

There are challenges facing The Harbor – its future, favor in the eyes of the government, favor and partnerships with orphanages, trade schools and other people and places they partner with.

The situation with the orphanages in the city (St. Petersburg) is becoming complex. Fewer orphans desire to come to an organization like The Harbor. Additionally, it has recently come to the leadership's attention that some of the orphans at The Harbor, officially, have not aged out of the orphanage, yet they are at The Harbor. Building relationships with them or getting them involved in activities is challenging because their "home" orphanage is constantly inviting our residents to their own internal activities which creates challenges with our plans and life.

In addition, some of the orphanages actually will send the kids to us from awkward places or use The Harbor as a way to emancipate their kids, which is actually illegal. The staff and leadership at The Harbor try their best and constantly have to be flexible and creative in how they attract potential residents. Their training center director, Zhenya, has noticed that the number of orphans in the orphanages has grown compared to a few years back. However, so many of those kids lack motivation and some of them do not even go to school.

Sadly, the orphanage staff does absolutely nothing about this. Hopefully this gives you a slight glimpse of challenges that our staff faces constantly and why it is not easy.

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