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Alana's Journey at Jeremiah's Hope

Note: Names have been changed for security purposes

Jeremiah's Hope, located in Ukraine, has been an international partner of Orphan World Relief for years. We are honored to come alongside this group in its mission to help orphans and bring hope to children in Ukraine. Throughout the month of December, Jeremiah's Hope shared some stories of the children they are currently caring for. This is the story of Alana, a girl, who not too long ago, had her life instantly uprooted and changed forever.

"Almost 3 years, Alana and her other brother Michael were brought to us by Social Services. Tragedy had struck their family, their mom was arrested (later sentenced to prison) and there was never really a dad in the picture. They first lived in our Rescue Shelter and then two years ago, when they were given "orphan" status by the government, they were moved into our foster/orphan group home. Michael graduated last spring and went off to trade school and now Alana continues to live in our foster/orphan group home.

Alana is 12 years old. She is filled with life and is a pretty amazing young girl considering the path her life has taken her down. She is a calm and quiet girl who is described by Lena & Vitalii (house mom and dad) as being very responsible and someone who loves to spend time playing board games with family. Alana is available for adoption and will remain in our care until her "Forever Family" finds her. Because of our amazing supporters, Ilona is able to not only find a home with a roof over her head, she is able to experience the love and care of house parents like Lena & Vitalii."

To learn more and support organization's like Jeremiah's Hope, visit www.orphanworldrelief.org

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