• Cassidy Albers

A Story of Transformation

This week's post is a littler longer as we share the story of Diana from The Harbor. Here's what this amazing program had to say about her journey:

"When Diana came to The Harbor, she was afraid literally of everything. The biggest fear that she had, which would even paralyze her, was to face people or to make a mistake. In the three years while she lived with us Diana learned social and life skills and even became an amazing helper to our mentors. She finished her education, learned how to communicate with people and face strangers, and ask for help when it was necessary, how to find a job, personal care, and give herself room to make a mistake. Here is what Diana says about her experience being at The Harbor:

'The Harbor is a place where I received help to become self-sufficient and independent. Here I learned what I did not know how to do before or what I was afraid of. Without the mentors I would have never succeeded. Of course, in the beginning there were challenges and it was frightening for many new things that I had to face and do, but thanks to The Harbor I have radically changed and stopped worrying and have seen a lot of interesting opportunities, which is something I did not have before. For instance, I went to the city for the first time ever, since I came from a different small town. I also began to do acts of kindness for others, and I was so happy to hear or to witness that someone actually wanted my help or to receive these acts of kindness.

The Harbor for me is my second family because daily I was with the people who were happy for me and who were ready to help and support me in any way. I am so happy that I learned how to overcome challenges and fears, and how to rely on my friends through The Harbor. Even in the midst of difficulties, I overcame the fear and left my irresponsible family, found a job and rented an apartment. I work as a sales representative at a store, which I

like a lot. I understand that I can move forward and not be afraid to make mistakes because we learn from our mistakes and when friends are close by, I know that I can count on them.'

We at Orphan World Relief are so proud to support a program that truly strives to improve the lives of orphans in Russia - the care they have for each child is remarkable.

To support this program and others like it, visit www.orphanworldrelief.org

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