The majority of our effort is dedicated to providing financial support to orphans and at-risk children around the globe. Our current reach allows us to help children from five different countries and three continents. In addition to providing financial support, we work with orphanages and other organizations to help them become more self-sufficient in consistently providing children with the basic needs of good (nutritional) food, a safe place to live and an education.

Casa Hogar Vida


HIV/AIDS has impacted families in Honduras, creating a growing orphan population. Casa Hogar Vida provides a family-living situation for kids while giving them the education, food, love and care they need to mature into healthy, active adults.

The Harbor


The Harbor helps orphaned teens build character and become contributing members of society. Its two-year program provides housing and trains orphans in the core areas of education, vocational training, and basic life skills while providing counseling and spiritual formation.

Asha Kiran Home


Northern India is a largely forgotten land. There are over 11 million abandoned babies; 90% of those abandoned are little girls. A young couple native to the area have taken in these children to care for as their own.

Montaña de Luz


When it was initially founded, Montaña de Luz focused on hospice care for dying children. Today they provide a home to orphans infected with HIV/AIDS.

Jeremiah's Hope


Ukrainian orphans face many obstacles, including rejection, abandonment and abuse. Jeremiah's Hope has a great mission - to share God's hope and provide practical help with orphans and at-risk youth in Ukraine. It invests in each orphans spiritual, emotional and physical needs, while guiding them to become productive citizens in their home country.

Children's Nutrition Center


At-risk children in Honduras receive much more than simple nutritional food. At the Children's Nutrition Center, families are taught about the importance of food for their children's health. Children in the community receive food and emergency services for the severely malnourished. And for that extra leg up in life, children have the opportunity to receive supplemental education in computer skills, English and life skills. 

Supporting Future Programs


Sadly, every week, we turn down requests to help other programs supporting orphans and at-risk children because our financial resources are limited. We believe that by ensuring that the funds we raise are distributed to our current programs consistently, before supporting new efforts, is the best way to truly help these great organizations continue to provide children with the basic needs of food, water, a home and an education. 


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