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Hope Changes Everything

Orphan World Relief was built on the foundation that Hope Changes Everything! After more than 15 years of service, we have made the difficult decision to sunset Orphan World Relief.  Through your support, we have funded projects in Central Ohio, Honduras, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia, Iraq, and numerous other places. Together, we have created ripples of change that will continue to grow and spread the love of Christ through the lives of the children we served.  

But our work isn't finished yet! So, would you consider being a part of the OWR legacy by donating to one of our partners? Your continued support and dedication to the mission of helping at-risk children will undoubtedly have a profound impact around the world.

Together we can still make a difference!

Help Us Continue To Support Our Partners!

Our International Partners

Supporting Children in Crisis Around the World

My Comfy Kits

My Comfy Kits, one of OWR's foundational programs, has been providing personal care resource to help ease the transition for children entering foster care. Our backpacks, filled with new personal items, have been able to provide dignity and resources to hundreds of children in Central Ohio.


We are excited to announce My Comfy Kits will be partnering with Alicia's Closet to continue their mission. With similar missions to serve and support those in the foster care community, OWR and Alicia's Closet have partnered in various fundraising drives over the years.


We are excited to see My Comfy Kits continue to grow and thrive under the guidance of the Alicia's Closet team!


Orphan World Relief was founded in 2008 after Doug Riggle, Founder of OWR, experienced first-hand the needs of homeless and orphaned children in Ukraine. Upon returning to the states, his further research shed light on the global crisis and the millions of orphaned and at-risk children around the world.

What started as an organization designed to financially help well-run programs in other countries, OWR blossomed into an organization that understood the needs of children in the U.S and around the globe while helping educate people on the needs these kids are dealing with everyday.

Throughout the years, we have been blessed with an extraordinary team of board members, staff, volunteers, and donors who have been the backbone of OWR. We are incredibly grateful for your commitment and passion. Together, we have achieved truly remarkable things and made a lasting impact on thousands of lives.

While, OWR is no longer an active organization, our partners are still working hard to make sure that children around the world are being provided with hope and an opportunity for change! Please consider the ways you can connect with one of these organizations to support the ongoing mission and legacy of Orphan World Relief. 

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